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Smiley Face Handbag Review

Happy Friday! Today, I have a fun little review of an item I can check off my Luxury 2022 Wishlist. It is the fur smiley face handbag. I just had to get this bag while it was still cold out because it is made of fur and adds a nice pop of color to my dark outfits in the wintertime. Now, let's jump into this review.


11 x 9 inches

(Length x Height)

  • Snap closure

  • Faux fur lining

  • Faux suede lining

  • 1 fur handle attached

  • 1 optional gold chain strap

  • Inside of the bag: Spacious interior, light weight and convenient organization

  • Classic design: Simple aesthetic design, versatile and fun color. It can be closed with a snap, and a chain shoulder strap is included in the plush fur bag with side hooks to clip it onto.

  • Soft touch: This bag is made of soft faux fur to provide warmth in the cold winter months. It can be used as a handbag or a messenger bag.

  • Can fit your phone, iPad, cosmetics, hairbrush, umbrella, keys, etc.

This is the chain included with the bag.

Final Thoughts:

Color/ Print: 10/10

Material: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

Size: 9/10

Shape: 8/10

Hardware: 7/10

Organization: 9/10

The color and smiley face print is perfect. I obviously love the yellow because that is my favorite color. The material gets a perfect score as well because I love the faux fur feeling; great for winter to help keep my hands or wrist warm. The inside material is also very durable. I spilled makeup in there, and it came off so easily with some water and a makeup wipe. No terrible odor when I took it out of the box it came in which is always a plus. The bag doesn't really have a smell either. It is just normal, haha. The site I got the bag on did not say the dimensions of the bag, so I was expecting it to be a little bigger. I was a little disappointed to see it was a little bit smaller than I was hoping; however, I can still fit tons of items inside. A full-size brush, full-size wallet, phone, keys, lip gloss, lip stick, coupons, hand sanitizer, a mask and my sunglasses all fit inside. 10 items it can hold comfortably.

The shape is interesting because it is not fully a sqaure, yet it is shaped like one. It caves in, in the middle, then points out on the edges. Very odd to me. The hardware has the lowest score because of the handles. I thought the handles would be able to fit around my shoulder to wear as a shoulder bag, but it is not big enough to do that, which was very disappointing to me. My last fur bag was large enough to fit around my shoulders. This was the biggest downside to me. You can still wear it around your arm or just simply hold it though. The long chain makes it possible to become a crossbody bag, which is a plus when you want to be hands free with this smiley handbag. When it comes to organization, the bag just has one big section on the inside, no pockets. A little bit of a bummer. It is small on the inside. There would be hardly any room to add a pocket, so that is probably why the designer did not add one.

I rate this bag a 9/10. Yes, it is missing some features; however, it is just fun to have this bag in your handbag collection. It is cute and very affordable, so you really cannot go wrong with the price point. My favorite key features are the color, the smiley face print and the material. My least favorite things are the very small handles, no pocket on the inside and I just wish it was a little bigger overall. I am so glad I got this bag though because I really do love it. It is a great addition to my handbag collection. I am linking the smiley face handbag here in case you want to purchase it. You will not regret this amusing purchase, trust me.




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