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Destress With Mindshine

Confidence and self-esteem require practice, and your mind can be trained like any other muscle. Mindshine will help you change the way you think, feel and act. Opening you up to increased levels of wellbeing and satisfaction. They take techniques from psychology and neuroscience and break them down into small, actionable and achievable steps that anyone can follow. Today, I have a sponsored post with Mindshine. I am going to share with you my daily routine with Mindshine and helpful exercises you can do when you are trying to process a variety of emotions.

My Routine

  • Morning Affirmations- A mental warmup, where I come up with an affirmation, and write it down. I pick something that I want to turn from a negative to a positive, or something good I want to enhance. Then I repeat the affirmation to myself for 1 minute straight. You can do this out loud or in your head.

  • Coaching Session- I do a bunch of different breathing exercises to help calm my anxiety and stress. You can choose to focus on belly breathing, deep breathing, clear mind breathing, balanced breathing, etc. This really helps me relax. Breathing is the most important thing you do, so why not learn different exercises to help benefit your heart, nervous system, mind, etc.

  • Afternoon Session- In my afternoon session I learn all about breathing, and how we simply cannot live without it. Many of the world's spiritual traditions regulate breathing. I breathe in for 6 seconds and out for 6 seconds for 2 minutes. It is very simple to follow, and the rhythm is very calming. This has been proven to have many psychological and psychological benefits.

  • Evening Session- To end the day, I do some journaling which is very good not only for my mind, but also my health. I write about the good I did during my day. Next, I write about what I learned today or something I realized. Lastly, I write 3 things I am grateful for today, big or small.

SOS Exercises

These exercises are meant to help you process your emotions. You simply just click on the emotion above that matches the mood you are feeling There is a little description for each one, and a session you can do as well. For example, anger. "Take a deep breath! Research shows that peak anger never lasts longer then 90 seconds. Learn to breathe until it passes, and then process it to stop it rearing its ugly head again." Then you can do the session which is 15min long. You will start by taking a deep breath for 90 seconds. Next, let it all out. You will write about what made you angry. Now you will feel the anger. Sit and hold yourself and breathe through the feelings. Next, write down 5 things you are grateful for to counteract the bad. The session will then be completed, and your anger will be all gone.

I am linking my special referral here. By using this link, you will get 1 week of Mindshine totally free. Try it out because I know you will love it. Mental health is very important in everyday life, and I feel like my anxiety and stress has improved greatly from using this app.




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