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Gin Amber Beauty Review

Today, I have a sponsored post with Gin Amber Beauty. I will be reviewing three products I received. The 0.25mm Dermaroller, the individual superfood sheet mask and a retinol eye cream. Also, I will be sharing before and after pictures resulting in all three products I used on my boyfriend, so let's jump right in.

0.25mm Dermaroller- The 0.25mm dermaroller penetrates slightly deeper than the 0.20mm and advances your microneedling practice. Containing 192 real individual needles, this dermaroller is designed to be your go-to for gentle micro-needling to improve serum penetration, beginning scar diminishing, cell turnover stimulation, lip plumping and skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. I simply just roll is all over my face 2-3 times after my face is completely bare and clean.


  • Excellent for lips and to further develop practice

  • Maximizes serum delivery into the skin

  • Plumps and firms skin surface

  • Rejuvenates and stimulates new skin growth at the cellular level

  • Improves the diminishing of discoloration and fine lines

Individual Superfood Sheet Mask- Rich in Vitamin A and C, with antioxidant and free-radical fighting properties, increased collagen and elastin for firmer skin, moisturizing agents that reduce water evaporation from skin and reduction of redness and irritation for a soothing aftertouch.


  • Cleanse and pat-dry skin. Carefully unfold mask, orient to face and apply, smoothing out edges

  • Allow sheet mask to remain on skin for 15-20 minutes

  • Remove mask by grabbing an edge and lifting away from face, discard

  • Allow a few moments for any remaining product to absorb. Follow with a tone, skin softener, serum and/or moisturizer if desired

Retinol Eye Cream- Features powerful ingredients, Retinol and Vitamin C, to visibly brighten, firm and smooth the delicate skin around the eye area. This ultra-rich moisturizer is formulated with anti-aging Retinol to boost collagen, plump the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Use morning and night to rejuvenate your eye area and look years younger.


Apply a dime sized amount to the ring finger and gently apply to the orbital eye area. Use morning and/or evening.

All of Gin Amber Beauty's products are fragrance free, cruelty free, bad alcohols free, plant based, natural and vegan.

Before & After

As you can see, the results are astonishing. The acne scaring is all gone, and his face is smooth and glowing. I am linking their website here, so you can check out Gin Amber Beauty yourself. Until the next one, have a great weekend.




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