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Luxury 2022 Wishlist

I have finally come up with a Luxury Wishlist for 2022. It took me longer this year to make one because I had to really search and figure out what my luxury goals are for this year. I have had my eye on a couple things to buy; however, these past couple of days, I really did my research, and found a total of 10 items that I just love for my Luxury Wishlist. Not all of these items are going to be super expensive or designer brands. They are still a wish to get this year, and I have included them on the list.


Fur Smiley Face Handbag

I have wanted a smiley fur bag for the longest time. I have seen tons of YouTuber's rocking them, so this is the year I will finally get one. Of course, I would want the bag in yellow too.

Don't Hide Your Heart Tote

This is a hand beaded tote from America & Beyond. Made in India. I love this for travelling and using as a carry on.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires

Couldn't find one last year, so it is back on the list. Hoping I can this year. This bag is very rare and very hard to find, new.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette

Held this at the store and fell instantly in love. They did not have this material of it though. I knew this would be great to put inside my Speedy, to hold Chapstick, hand sanitizer, hair ties, etc.

Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag In Leather

I really like both of these bags, the top one with the fur is out of stock in the mini size I want, so it is a matter of which one I can find first, then I will get that one. The leather is great quality and I love how it has a zip closure. Perfect for travelling or taking on errands.

Burberry Mini Leather-Trimmed Canvas Pocket Tote

I have yet to see either of these in person. They are both so cute, and I cannot decide what color I like more. I really love the yellow, being my favorite color; however, I like the white background better on the blue bag. It looks cleaner and more polished instead of the grey. I love the stamped Horseferry print. We will see if I get either of these this year.


Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum

Just one perfume on my list this year, and it is the same as last year. I never bought or received it, so hoping I do this year because I still adore the smell. Marc Jacobs is on my list twice this year. I am really loving his brand lately.


Michael Kors Manhasset Sunglasses

This year, I really want to get a pair of oversized black sunglasses. My current ones are very old, and I have never really looked for a new pair, so I plan on doing that in the summer. These are just an idea; I have never tried them on or seen them in person. I just like the color, size and shape.


Burberry Cashmere Scarf

I have always wanted this iconic scarf. I saw you can get you initials put on it, so I had to put it on my list. This would be a fall purchase, so not until September or October I would even think about buying one.


On last years' Luxury Wishlist, I put a couple different Love Shack Fancy clothing items on there to buy, and I purchased none of them because they sold out so fast. This year, I am putting my goal to get a piece of clothing from them, I do not know what yet because things go very fast, or to go to an actual store of theirs.

Those are all of my Luxury Wishlist goals for 2022. I said in my Updated Luxury 2021 Wishlist that I would include personal goals in my new 2022 Wishlist; however, I have decided not to. As my blog grows more and more, and reaches a bigger audience, I would like to keep my personal goals private going forward. I will give you all an update on this Wishlist in 2023. I am very excited for this year. I am curious to see if I will get anything from this list by the end of the year.




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