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Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 Review

Here it is! The long awaited, complete, Speedy Bandouliere 25 review. I have been using this bag for the past 5 months, and seeing what I like, what I don't like and saving my thoughts for my review. I will share the features, my final thoughts and my overall score. Everything that I store in my Speedy B is in my Zoomoni Bag Organizer Review Post. This post is about the actual bag details. Fun Fact: This bag was originally created for travelers in the 1930's. The name refers to the era’s rapid transit.


9.8 x 7.5 x 5.9 inches (Length x Height x Width)

  • Monogram coated canvas

  • Smooth cowhide-leather trim

  • Textile lining

  • Gold-color hardware

  • Double zip

  • Padlock

  • Inside flat pocket

  • Strap: Removable, adjustable

  • Strap drop: 18.3 inches

  • Strap drop max: 21.7 inches

  • Handle: Double

The reference is either made in France, Spain, Italy or the US and will say on the side of the bag in the newly made ones. As of March 2021, all Louis Vuitton bags will not feature a date code, but instead will have a microchip featured in the lining of the bag / small leather good (SLG).

This strap is a must for me. The Speedy 25 without the strap retails for $1,140. I had been contemplating for the longest time if I really do need this strap to wear the purse as a crossbody/ go hands free, and let me tell you, for $510 more for the Speedy B, I am glad I chose the Speedy B because this strap is a must for me. I would have had to always hold my bag in my hand, not been able to wear it crossbody, or on my shoulder and in today's world that is just not an option because when I am running errands or going to work or going out, I am usually always carrying something else besides my purse. Also, the strap is removable too, so you have the option of just holding the bag at times too if you want, which I love doing for pictures. I highly recommend the Speedy B over the original Speedy because this strap is a need.

Final Thoughts:

Color/ Print: 10/10

Material: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

Size: 10/10

Shape: 7/10

Hardware: 10/10

Organization: 7/10

Let's start from the top and work our way down. The color/ print a perfect score because I chose the classic monogram, which is the brown print with the logo LV all over it, and it is literally perfection. You cannot go wrong with classic monogram. It never goes out of style and is a staple in any wardrobe. Monogram is my absolute favorite compared to Damier Azur or Damier Ebene. Those two prints look like a checkerboard to me. The monogram coated canvas is very durable and the leather trim is made from super soft lambskin that will darker over time the more you use the bag and touch it. When you purchase the bag, you can just smell that new leather smell, and it smells amazing. Like a brand-new car type of feeling. It lasts awhile too because I can still smell that new leather smell on my bag today, which I love.

The 25 size is the perfect size for me. For the longest time I contemplated over the 25 or the 30, and I am really glad I chose the 25 because the 30 would have been way to big for my frame and shape. Fun fact: the Speedy 25 was custom made for Audrey Hepburn. She was rather tall, but she had a small figure, so Louis Vuitton made her a custom Speedy bag in size 25. When it comes to the shape, you need an organizer to keep it otherwise the bag will go back to being flat, and not stay pushed out. I learned that when I bought the bag, and my organizer did not arrive until a couple weeks later. The gold hardware is a classic, and makes the bag look so elegant, I just love it. Very glad they used gold instead of silver because that would not match. Lastly, for organization it is very hard to stay organized in this purse without an organizer, and that is why I believe an organizer is a must. Otherwise, all of your items would get thrown all over when using the bag because there is only a small pocket on the inside of the bag.

Overall, I rate this bag a 9/10. Just like my organizer review, my Speedy B is one point away from being perfect because I wish it would stay its full shape without an organizer, and I also wish there was more pockets on the inside to store things in making organization easier. Other than that, the bag is amazing, and everything else is perfect to me. I have wanted this bag ever since I was a little girl. The whole experience of going into the Louis Vuitton store and purchasing my first ever designer bag was an experience I will never forget for as long as I live. This is an item I can check off my bucket list.




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