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Louis Vuitton Cardholder Review

I finally have another Louis Vuitton review. I recently purchased the Louis Vuitton Reverse Monogram Cardholder. Now you are probably wondering why I purchased this Louis Vuitton item. It wasn't even on my Luxury 2022 Wishlist. I was originally going to include this item on my list. Last minute, I ultimately decided not to. I put the Pochette Accessoires & Mini Pochette instead. After the huge price increase, I really don't want to spend that much money on those two items. The cardholder prices have not increased, so I decided to purchase the beautiful reverse monogram cardholder instead. I wanted a small cardholder I could take with me on-the-go when I do not want to take my normal, much larger wallet.


4.3 x 2.8 x 0.2 inches

(Length x Height x Width)

  • Monogram & Monogram Reverse coated canvas

  • Cowhide leather lining

  • An interior slot to hold bigger cards, cash + receipts

  • Two outside slots that can hold credit cards, transport cards + more

The reference is either made in France, Spain, Italy or the US. It will say on the interior slot of the cardholder. As of March 2021, all Louis Vuitton bags will not feature a date code, but instead will have a microchip featured in the lining of the bag / small leather good (SLG).


Reverse Monogram

Interior Slot

The cardholder comes in many other design options. I 100% knew I wanted the reverse monogram because I just love the light brown color mixed with the dark brown color. It is such a fun, yet classic contrast to me that I have been wanting to own.

Final Thoughts:

Color/ Print: 10/10

Material: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

Size: 9/10

Shape: 10/10

Hardware: N/A

Organization: 10/10

Let's start from the top and work our way down. The color/print is a perfect score because I love the reverse monogram print. If you are not a fan of the reverse monogram, there is a ton of other prints you can pick from. For example, Damier Ebene, epi leather and many more. The material is as always, very good quality and super durable. The monogram coated canvas will darker over time the more you use and touch the cardholder. When you purchase anything from Louis Vuitton, you can just smell that new leather smell, and it smells amazing. Like a brand-new car type of feeling. It lasts awhile too because I can still smell that new leather smell on my cardholder today, which I love. Great size cardholder. For the price, it could be a little bigger in the interior slot; however, I still think the size is enough for me. I can fit my license, debit card and credit card comfortably, which is all I wanted anyways.

The shape is a perfect score as well. There is no other shape I would want then the square shape it already is. Cannot rate hardware because there is none on the cardholders. There is not much to say about the organization because there is very little you can organize. For me, my cards stay organized and separated, which I like. It's very easy to fit in all of my variety sized bags, instead of my large wallet, and that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted a small wallet that I could fit in any of my bags, and I have some pretty small bags. My current wallet wasn't fitting, so I couldn't use those bags as much. I am so happy because now I can.




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