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My First Louis Vuitton Purchase

Hi all, happy Monday. I have a late night post to share, and a very exciting one. On April 16th, 2021, I bought my first ever Louis Vuitton bag, and still cannot get over it. I now have my dream bag. Make a guess before you read the rest!




. . .

A Speedy Bandouliere 25 In Monogram, Made In France!

If you read my Luxury 2021 Wishlist, you know this bag was on it. I originally was just going to purchase the OG Speedy 25, not the Speedy Bandouliere; however, I ultimately decided I need that long strap for my every day to day life. I cannot always carry my bag around my arm. I need my hands to be free at times when out and about. This was the very last one in stock. I have been searching for this bag for so long, and cannot believe I finally scored it. I love it so so so much, and will have my full review coming soon, once my Zoomoni bag organizer comes in. It is supposed to arrive Thursday. I am so excited to start my Louis Vuitton Collection at age 23 {-:

Here is my unboxing video:

I hope to have my full review of my bag and organizer up very soon, stay tuned, have a great week!




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