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GlocalMe Portable WiFi Hotspot

It's Monday, which means the start of a new week. Today, I have a sponsored post with GlocalMe. GlocalMe provides SIM-free Wi-Fi hotspot coverage when you need it most. Say if you go hiking in the mountains, driving through the desert or if you need to work on the go. I will describe the benefits of using GlocalMe Wi-Fi and explain how to set up your very own pocket hotspot.

GlocalMe Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Benefits:

  • SIM free hotspot

  • Drop resistant

  • Flexible data plans, no contract, can pay as you go

  • Global coverage in more than 140 countries

  • Share your connection with up to 10 devices

  • Protect your privacy with protected data transmission

How To Set Up Your Pocket Hot Spot:

  • Download The GlocalMe App

  • Create A GlocalMe Account {Can register with phone number or email}

  • Purchase In-App Glocal Data Plans

  • Link Device With GlocalMe App {I scanned the QR code on the back of the UPP model}

{Blurred so you do not see my password}

  • Turn On UPP {Press & hold the power button for 3 seconds}

  • Connect to Wi-Fi {The network name & password is right below the QR code}

  • Network Optimization {When data communication is not stable, click Device Management -- Network Optimization in the app}

  • Connect to a computer through the USB {Only supported for Windows systems}

That is all of the steps to set up your very own Wi-Fi hotspot. I have been using this Wi-Fi for a while now, and it works really well. Everything loads very quicky, and I have not had any issues with it at all. I am linking their website here, so you can have your own on the go Wi-Fi. Trust me, it is such a lifesaver when you have no signal and need to stay connected.




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