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Bliss & Boundless

It's Friday, and today, I have a sponsored post with Bliss & Boundless. Bliss and Boundless is, "Where you find comfort, where you find relaxation and where you find peace." Every product they offer brings comfort and warmth to its new home. Bliss & Boundless sells artisan soaps, blankets, candles, crystals + metaphysical and pillowcases. All carefully curated to fit your style, budget and most importantly, your home.

Enrobe yourself in this luxurious blanket made with the finest quality minky. One side of this blanket is the Natural Snowy Owl, and the other side is the Latte Glacier.

Each blanket is handmade in the USA.

Available in the following sizes and prices:

Throw 45"x 60" is $95

XL Throw 60"x 75" is $169

Machine wash on cold cycle with no fabric softener.

Air dry with no heat.

Let me tell you, this is the softest, most comfortable blanket I have ever had. This is now my go to blanket on my bed. I will lay wrapped in it for hours watching T.V., writing, reading, etc. Tasha will sit right next to me on it as well. It is very pet friendly, which is super important to me. I have not seen any of her fur on it. I definitely want to get a personalized stocking for Christmas time because the quality from Bliss & Boundless is just perfection at its finest. I am linking their website here. Now, you can have your very own luxurious blanket.




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