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Updated: What's In My Skincare Fridge?!

As some of you may know, my skincare fridge from Frigidaire stopped working. It would no longer become cold, so I had to get a new one. I got a light yellow Caynel mini fridge. This mini fridge is so cool. I just love the color. This brand offers 7 different color options. It also comes with a warming function, so you can warm or cool your items as you wish. I will have more of the product details down below. I am also updating you with what I keep inside my skincare fridge. I have gotten many new products that I am so excited to share with you all.

My Skincare Fridge

  • $49.99

  • The Inner dimensions: 5.3" L x 5.5" D x 8.3" H

  • Weighs 4 lbs

  • Interior side pocket located on the door

  • Removable interior shelf

  • Its portable profile sports a generous 4-liter capacity, and chills up to six 12 oz cans

  • This unit includes both 12V car chargers and standard 110V (AC) standard home outlets compatible plugs

  • Well insulated interior holds temperature even after unplugged

  • The unique semiconductor operation is energy-efficient, ultra-quiet and 100% Freon-free environmentally friendly

  • Easy to carry and store when on the go, while traveling in the car, boat or RV

  • Includes removable shelf so you can store small items such as food, drinks and snacks

  • Efficient cooling temperature is perfect for skincare and beauty essentials. Store your skincare, personal care & beauty product favs

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior is extremely easy, simply wipe them down

Lip & Under Eye Masks

These luxurious anti-aging eye contour gel patches are infused with pure 24K Gold and Colloidal Gold to help lift and firm the appearance of the delicate eye area in just 10 minutes. They help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet to reveal firmer, radiant, revitalized and youthful looking under eyes.

Collagen Lip Masks- Nourishing gel lip masks to help make you lips smoother and more kissable. Love using these masks right before bed, and then waking up with well-nourished lips.

Derma E

Radiance-boosting, non-abrasive blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids helps to resurface and smooth skin’s texture to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fast-acting Citrus Fruit Peel Puree helps to improve the appearance of discoloration, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Formulated with Fruit Stay C-50, glycolic and lactic acids and lemon extract, this powerful peel helps to loosen and lift dead skin cells and impurities to deliver visible results.

This gel facial with Hyaluronic acid and alkaline helps your skin to boost its natural moisture barrier, re-balance pH levels and nourish the skin while you sleep. This face mask is enriched with Alkaline water beads that melt into the skin, helping you wake up to a well-rested, balanced and radiant looking complexion. This overnight face mask can be used as a seasonal hydration treatment.

Roller & Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool

This Jade Facial Roller is designed to reduce puffiness and smooth skin. Use the larger end for cheeks and forehead and the smaller end for the under the eyes and around the nose. I just love to rub this all over my face. It feels so cool and relaxing. You need this tool for your skincare fridge.

This tool is intended to be used on top of your moisturizing routine in order to help increase the benefit of the product. This face massager provides perfect stimulation for renewing skin by flushing out lymphatic drainage and increasing blood flow.


This lightweight moisturizing gel-cream with a jelly-like texture absorbs instantly and disappears into your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. Sodium hyaluronate and aloe leaf juice hydrate while natural antioxidants found in green tea soothe skin, fight damaging free radicals, and quiet inflammation. Such a great moisturizer that Versed sent me.

I use this every day on my eyes to wake them up in the morning. This lightweight, oil-free gel-cream penetrates deep and lasts 100 hours.

Clay Mask

Formulated with organic Yuzu essence to help combat dull, uneven skin tone. Cleanses and renews skin by drawing out impurities and excess oil with Montmorillonite Clay. Has clean, vegan and cruelty-free formulation with your skin and the planet in mind. You will love this mask; it will make you skin glow and shine. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Stoney Clover Lane Facial Masks

Facial Masks

Gin Amber Beauty Facial Mask

A pore-clearing, purifying mask made with two types of clay and two types of charcoal to detoxify (not dry out) skin. The clays mildly exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells and sop up excess sebum and oil. The charcoals act like a magnet, attracting toxins and drawing impurities out of skin.

Facial Mask & Foot Repair

Coconut + Hibiscus Sheet Mask

Will help relieve, replenish and revitalize dry, damaged feet in a reusable, re-openable spout package. Has aloe vera, nourishing shea butter and Australian tea tree oil.

Facial Masks

Heart Peach O2 Bubble Mask

This cooling, soothing gel mask is infused with aloe leaf juice, which delivers that instant burst of hydration. Features a plant-based collagen alternative that smooths texture, increases elasticity and binds moisture to the skin to prevent moisture loss. The rosehip seed oil also helps smooth skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Eye Masks

Heart Eye Patches

Filled with small gel beads that conform to the delicate eye area. This gel eye mask is a simple and soothing solution for relieving puffiness around tired eyes. I love using this when I have a headache. The cold beads really help me relax and destress.

That is everything inside my new skincare fridge. This mini fridge can hold way more items than my last fridge. I really love the interior side pocket. My last fridge did not have that. Now, I can put all of my lip and eye masks there, so they do not take up any room in the actual fridge interior compartment. I am linking the Caynel fridge here again for those of you who want to purchase it. Highly recommend, 10/10. Also, linking my yellow dress here as well. Have a great weekend.




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