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Derma E: Essentials

Hi everyone, Monday! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Easter weekend. I am back at it again. As you can probably already tell from the title, I will be reviewing Derma E products for the fourth time. This is my fourth collaboration with them on a blog post and Instagram. Thank you Derma E for sponsoring me a fourth time. I truly love their products, and I mean it when I say that. This time I will be reviewing a variety of products. I am grouping all of these products as "essential" because all 5 of these can be used throughout the day for a variety of reasons. I have some lotions this time that I am super excited to review. I have never been sent lotions before. 3 lotions, a peel and a toner, so let's jump right in!

Essentials Radiance Toner

Just like in my last post, I wanna start off by saying, that all Derma E products are 100% Vegan, GMO- Free, Cruelty free, free of parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oils, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfates. This is very important to me, as I have said in my makeup bag post. I want a skincare product that is not only good for me, but good for the environment, good for animals, etc. This toner is used before you moisturize. It is a prep for it. Get a cotton ball, pour some of the toner on it and then gently smooth over your face and neck. This can be used in the morning and the evenings before your favorite Derma E moisturizer. I highly recommend this one from Derma E. It has an oily smell to me, but nothing too strong that will bug you. This product does contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acid {AHA}, so this may increase your skin's sensitivity to sun, and the possibility to sunburn. This is a great product to use with a moisturizer it will get the dirt and grim out of your pores from sweat, grease or makeup.

Essentials Overnight Peel

After you tone and moisturize, it is always a great idea to do a peel. This is an overnight peel that you leave on while you sleep. Simply apply a nickel size to your clean face before bed, and leave on over night. Rinse thoroughly in the morning. You can use this one to two times a week for best results. This peel did not have a scent to me at all, so you will not be smelling it while trying to fall asleep, haha. Personally, I woke up, rinsed it off, and then my face felt so smooth and was glowing.

Arnica Sore Muscle Rub

This cream is used on any area of your body that has discomfort or is sore. Simply warm the cream in your hands, and the directly apply to your body. This will help with any muscle soreness from working out, school, job, etc. The rub smells like peppermint, and has that fresh minty smell that is very strong like toothpaste. It is not irritating though, as it will help relax and sooth your body.

Fragrance-Free Body Lotion + Lemongrass & Thyme Body Lotion

These are two great body lotions. I love lotion; I wear it every day. One is fragrance-free while the other smells just like sweet lemongrass, but the smell goes away after a few hours. These lotions are not sticky at all. I do not like sticky lotions that are not creamy. These are very soft and creamy and they just glide right on your skin. I highly recommend trying them out. Along with all of these other products I reviewed. Derma E never does wrong. All of their products are always amazing.

Thank you Derma E for sponsoring another IG & blog post of mine! I know this is a collab, but I wouldn't ever give false reviews. Their skincare products are high quality, ethical beauty. Derma E not only cares about their consumers skincare, but also their health, well-being and their environment. Try out these new products, and let me know what you think. I will have my spring LookBook up Friday, get excited!




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