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Derma E: The Skincare You Need

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous week. I am so thrilled to share my very first sponsored post with you all. Shout out to Derma E for sponsoring this blog post. I was sent 5 products from their anti-aging line. Even though I am only 23, it's never too early to start taking care of your skin. I will be giving my review on all 5 products. I will put in the shoppable links as well, so if you want to purchase anything from this line, you can.

Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser

First off, I wanna start by saying that all Derma E products are 100% Vegan, GMO- Free, Cruelty free, free of parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oils, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfates. This is very important to me, as I have said in my makeup bag post. I want a skincare product that is not only good for me, but good for the environment, good for animals, etc. The anti-wrinkle cleanser is a great product to use at night. 4/5 of these products are used for the end of the day when you are taking your makeup off. This is a stand alone product. I gently rinsed my face with warm water then lathered this cleanser all over my skin. I left it on for a couple of minutes then rinsed it off with cold water. You use warm water to open your pores then cold water to close them. I really love this product because the cleanser has such a nice and airy smell. It is not too strong. I never want an overpowering scent. It's also not sticky. When you put it on your face it feels like butter, and after you rinse it off it leaves your face very smooth.

Anti-Wrinkle Scrub

Another product you can add into your night time routine. I rinsed my face with warm water then applied this scrub to my wet skin. Do not dry your skin. I rubbed it all around my face in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. I let it sit for a little, then rinsed it off with cold water. This product I would recommend using maybe 2 times a week. This is not a nightly routine product. This gives your face a deep clean. For example, like washing your car. You only need to wash your car once a week at most.

Anti-Aging Regenerative Serum

This serum is can be used after the Anti-Wrinkle Scrub. It also is a stand alone item as well. After I rinsed with cold water from using the scrub, I simply applied this serum onto my face and neck. Then boom! I just left it on. This does not need to be rinsed off. This has Glycolic acid to exfoliate your skin. Leave this on for the rest of the night and while you sleep because it will remove fine lines and wrinkles. I woke up the next day with my face feeling so soft and refreshed because there is Vitamins A & E in this serum.

Anti-Aging Regenerative Day + Night Cream

Vitamin A & Antioxidant Blend for the perfect day and night cream. You can apply a small layer of this onto your clean face before you put your makeup on, or after you take all of your makeup off. Then you will have a fresh and clean feeling. Whether you are just starting your day, or ending it. Both of these creams are soft, and blend into the skin nicely.

Once again, thank you Derma E for sponsoring my IG & blog post. All in all, I loved all of these products. They are just so light and airy. Easy to add into your routine, and just fun to try out. Personally, my favorite product is the Anti-Aging Regenerative Night Cream. My face can get so greasy at night, especially because I wear glasses. The night cream is so nice to apply before bed. I highly recommend trying out these products!




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