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SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes

Happy Monday! Today, I have a sponsored post by SweatBlock. SweatBlock helps people stop unwanted and embarrassing sweat. These wipes work all over the body when other products fall short. Stop excessive sweat, regain lost confidence and wear what you want with SweatBlock.


  • Apply at night, stay dry for up to 7 days

  • Control excessive underarm sweating and prevent embarrassing sweat marks

  • Perfect for excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, and moments when you absolutely have to stay dry

  • Doctor Created. Doctor Trusted

What's in the Box:

10 SweatBlock DRIBOOST® Wipes / Box


SweatBlock Wipes are unscented. However, there is a subtle, sweet, clove smell when you first apply the SweatBlock Wipe. Clove oil is a key ingredient in the SweatBlock formula.

When to apply:

At night, before bed.

When can you expect results?

You should see results in the first 2-4 days of using SweatBlock.

Key Ingredients:

Water, botanical extracts, polyethylene glycol 8000, polysorbate 20, vitamin E oil, eugenol, aluminum chloride (14%)

SweatBlock is not a “wipe & go” product. It is applied at night, washed off the next morning, and it lasts for days at time. SweatBlock is for anyone who doesn’t want to sweat through their clothes. Wear any color/style shirt without the fear of sweating through. Linking the website here. Use my code: CHEY20 for a discount!




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