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Luxury 2024 Wishlist

As promised, I have finally come up with a Luxury Wishlist for 2024. It took me about the same time as last year to make one because I had to really search and figure out what my luxury goals are for this year. I have had my eye on a couple things to buy; however, these past couple of days, I really did my research, and found some items that I love for my Luxury Wishlist.


Medium Dior Book Tote

The Dior Book Tote is a House classic. Created to hold all the daily essentials, the style is fully embroidered with a white multicolor showcasing butterflies and traditional Mexican flowers in a concert of colors. Adorned with the Christian Dior Paris signature on the front, the medium tote exemplifies the House's signature savoir-faire and may be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder. This is my favorite tote design by Dior, and I love how I can add my name on the side.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires

Back on the list again! Are we really shocked?! Couldn't find one last year, so it is back on the list. Hoping I can this year. This bag is very rare and very hard to find, new.


Paco Rabanne Fame Eau De Parfum

The brand-new female version of Paco Rabanne's "Phantom." A vegan, fruity-floral perfume bursting with precious ingredients. Composed of exceptionally pure jasmine, succulent mango and an addictively creamy incense. I just love this cute little bottle too. I need to add it to my perfume collection.

LoveShackFancy Moondance Eau De Parfum

This richly warm floral fragrance exudes elegance with an edge, like a night filled with sophistication and an air of mystery. It opens with masses of velvet rose centifolia coupled with pink rhubarb. Earthy oakmoss and dreamy sandalwood extend the overflowing bouquet all night long. You all know I love LoveShackFancy, so when they came out with perfume, I knew I had to get it.


Nat Slide Sandals

Love these Dior lookalike sandals. So cute for the summer. I almost like these better than the OG Dior sandals because they say beautiful countries on them, and not just "Christian Dior."


Sensyne 68" Phone Tripod

This portable phone tripod innovatively combines a selfie stick and tripod in a single, compact unit. I have been needing a tripod for a while now especially when it comes to filming content at home. This will allow me to do so.


I am getting married this year, and the wedding is going to be in Saint Augustine, Florida. I hope everything goes smoothly and the weather is perfect. That is why I am putting the venue on my Wish List. I wish for a perfect wedding day! Hehe!

Hoping to go to Disney World this year. I haven't been since 2010. That was 14 years ago, so I would love to go to Disney this year since we will already be in Florida.

Those are all of my Luxury Wishlist goals for 2024. The list is a little shorter this year, as the main focus for the year is the wedding. As always, I will give you all an update on this Wishlist in 2025. I am very excited for this year. I am curious to see if I will get/ do anything from this list by the end of the year. I have some pretty big goals on my list this year, and I am excited to see what will happen in 2024.




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