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Makeup Revolution x Willy Wonka Review

First makeup review of 2024! When I saw there was a makeup collaboration coming out about the new Willy Wonka movie, I had to try it because I saw the movie and loved it. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It is really fun and a great film for the whole family. I have 3 items that I am going to be sharing with you. I got all 3 of them from my mother for Christmas. I am so grateful and shout-out to her for gifting me these products.

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Palette

15 rich pans that contain a mixture of soft mattes, shimmers and foil shades in warm brown, versatile nude and delicate pink sparkles. Unfortunately, these shades do not have any names because this is a small palette. This palette comes complete with its very own golden ticket inside and is housed in a chocolate-bar shaped box- a must-have for fans of the film!


These shades are literal perfection. Totally meant for me and my skin tone. I only needed to swatch them 1 time to get the pigment perfect, not 3 or 4 times like I have had to before with other brands. I love the combination of the glitter and matte shades. There are endless amounts of looks I can create. Really good quality shades that last on your eyes all day. This eyeshadow palette is $18, not a bad price for a special collaboration piece you can add to your makeup collection.

Willy Wonka Lip Gloss

A chocolate cream formula finished with a chocolate scent. It smells just like yummy chocolate. How cool is that?! A fabulous lip-gloss that gives your lips some sparkle. Love how this gloss looked on mine. Cruelty-free and vegan.

Willy Wonka Lip Balm

This lip balm, a hydrating formula that applies clear and is finished with a yummy tropical mango scent. I didn't realize it was a clear color. When I saw the orange stick, I was expecting my lips to be orange too like the Oompa Lumpa's face. Another great piece in this collection especially if just want a simple lip balm with cute packaging.

I love all three of these pieces and cannot thank my mother enough for getting them for me for Christmas. Willy Wonka is such a classic that you simply cannot pass up seeing this movie about his life growing up before he had his world-famous chocolate factory. All of these products are such good quality, and everything in this collection is so affordable; therefore, I highly recommend purchasing from it.




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