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Sheepstick {Lanolin Lip Balm}

Happy Labor Day! The unofficial last day of summer. Today, I have a sponsored post with Sheepstick. Fall is on its way, and that means cuffing season is upon us. Ladies and gents, be sure to keep your lips moisturized and kissable with Sheepstick. You will never have chapped lips with lanolin lip balm. Lanolin has been used for centuries as a skin care product and is now available in lip balm. SheepStick contains over 50% lanolin, to ensure your lips get the best protection and the chance to finally heal.

The Benefits of Lanolin:

  • No Artificial Colors or Dyes

  • No Beeswax

  • No Parabens

  • No Phthalates

  • No Sulphates

Lanolin is a substance found in sheep's wool. It naturally protects both the wool and the animal's skin from the environment. It provides a natural source of waterproofing. Lanolin is used to protect, treat and heal. Rather than simply coating the lips like other commercial lip balms do.

Lip balm has a purpose. Many large lip balm companies' can make your problems even worse. This is because they simply coat the lips with a thin film, which draws even more moisture from your skin as it evaporates away. This is why you are constantly having to reapply throughout the day.

Try the new Holiday Season Sample Pack today. It comes in three awesome flavors: The Original Sheepstick, Coconut & Citrus + Spice.




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