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Revolution {Friends} Lip Gloss Review

Today on the blog I am reviewing Makeup Revolution's Friends edition lip glosses. Makeup Revolution is cruelty-free. Makeup Revolution has confirmed that it is truly cruelty-free. They do not test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. This is very important to me. This collaboration was so iconic to me that I just had to get all three lip glosses at Target. The Rachel, Monica & Phoebe shades. I really wanna try the Joey, Chandler & Ross ones too, but they are not sold in stores. I might just have to buy those sometime down the road. I did some swatches, and also put the lip gloss on my lips as well to give you idea of how the colors and texture looks on actual lips, haha. I am going to give my personal rating for all three of them.

From left to right: Phoebe, Monica and then Rachel.


Color: Deep Wine

Texture: Gloss {Not Sticky}

Look: Shiny + Smooth

Lasts: 4 Hours

Rating: 8/10 {Lil Too Dark For Me}


Color: Medium Mauve Neutral

Texture: Gloss {Not Sticky}

Look: Very Shiny & Glossy Compared To Phoebe

Lasts: 5 Hours

Rating: 10/10 {My Favorite, Love This Color On Me}


Color: Clear Gloss

Texture: Very Glossy {Lil Sticky}

Look: Very Shiny & Glossy Compared To The Others

Lasts: The Longest, 6 Hours

Rating: 9/10 {No Color, Semi Sticky On Lips}

Personally, I always combine the Monica and Rachel shades on my lips to get the perfect color with the right amount of shine and gloss. I really love all of these shades. They can be used for a variety of different occasions. The Phoebe shade is more for going out on the town at night, while the Monica shade is great for a lunch date, and the Rachel shade is perfect for school to keep your lips hydrated. When it comes to the show I definitely am a Rachel though. Which character are you?! Send me a message, & let me know.




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