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My Favorite 2 Piece Set For Fall

We are less then one week away from Halloween. Whose excited?! I know I am. On Thursday I am going to Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village. It has harvest markets and fall themes to costumed storybook characters and ghostly performances, it is a 40-plus-year Hallowe’en tradition, showcased within the bewitching setting of Greenfield Village after hours. I have my costume and so does Tasha. Any guesses what we are going to be this year?! One hint, last year I was a dead bride and she was Frankenstein, so we did not take the scary route again. That is all that I am saying for now. Currently, I am sharing my favorite 2 piece set. This is another one from American Eagle that you need in your closet today ladies.

This is a pumpkin castle they have at a mall where I live. It is so cool. I still have sandals on because the weather has been in the 70's around here, just started feeling like fall this past weekend. The leaves on trees have not even changed yet, and that is very odd being so late in October. My fall content has been lacking because it honestly still feels like summer. Should I do another Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas this year too?! Send me a message and let me know.




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