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Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Happy first day of fall! There was no blog post on Monday, just so I could post this today, literally on the first day of fall to kick off my fall posts. My first fall themed post is going to be fashion focused. There are so many autumn fashion trends really catching my eye this year, so I am sharing some of my favorites that you need to try this season. The fall fashion this year is so on point that it cannot be overlooked.

Prairie Prints

If you prefer prints over solids, dainty florals and sun-faded paisleys are the way to go this autumn. Look for prints that feature more wild flowers, rather than neat roses or moody vines. Pair them with other delicate colors or patterns like light-wash denim, beige leather, rose-hued suede or winter whites. Prairie dresses are the perfect complement to the western boot trend. The long sleeves and full length skirt keep this style appropriate for colder temperatures. Pair it with tall suede boots or some moccasins.

Sweater Vests

This trend first popped up in 2020, but it is still going strong in Fall 2021. The most popular styles are those with some texture and detailing, rather than plain monochrome cashmere. They have a bit of an oversize fit. It is also very popular to wear just the sweater vest alone if it is still warm where you live. As temperatures continue to drop, you can layer your vests over shirtdresses, long sleeve sweaters, turtlenecks and blouses. I paired mine on top of a sweater and that is how I like to wear my sweater vest best. I wore a sweater skirt as well. A trend that I will never get tired of, and style every fall and winter time.

Sweater Dress

It's time to get excited about the sweater dress, your favorite fall staple. This cozy essential is the perfect transitional piece for the chilly months. With heavier knit fabrics and longer hemlines, this cold-weather favorite works well with any of your boots or sneakers. This piece is a classic and in 99% of women's fall wardrobes. It comes back every year because it simply never goes out of style. You can add a vest, long necklace or a cozy scarf to accessorize this sweater dress as well.

The Long-Sleeve Prairie Dress

The long-sleeve prairie dress looks great on everyone, works in any weather and occasion and is super comfortable to wear. It is fabulous for a fall day spent at the apple orchard or in the pumpkin patch. There is something so freeing about wearing a nice long dress, like you can twirl around and feel so care free about life. Get a solid color in this dress, so you can really accessorize with jewelry, a bag, headband or some cute boots.


Ankle boots are such a classic boot to have in your fall wardrobe. The heel is shorter which makes these very comfortable to wear. They are so easy to slip on because they are short and very flexible for the ankle.

The combat boots are perfect for a more edgy/ dark look. Another staple I have in my shoe collection. Wear these when you are outside in the mud or grass all day doing a fall activity. Wear them with some mean jeans or a cute denim skirt with some leggings.

Over the last few years, mules have gone from polarizing picks to true staples. Now you can find a cute take on the shoe style in any color, and at any heel height you desire. So very easy to slip into and walk in, yet you get some extra height from the heel at the bottom. Very comfortable too because the heel is so thick. Another 2021 fall shoe trend that is taking the fashion world by storm because it is a great alternative to the classic ankle boot.

Moccasins simply never go out of style. I had some in middle school, high school, college and I have a pair right now sitting in my closet. They return every autumn. They can be worn out and about or as a slipper around the house. They come in so many different colors and styles too.


This summer, the Y2K outfits were the total style, and no outfit would be complete without the complimentary shoulder bag. This trend has carried over into the fall. Big enough to carry the essentials but small enough to not overshadow your outfit. Slim and chic shoulder bags are every where you look now. You need at least one in your fall wardrobe, to grab when on the run.

Padded Headbands are the accessory must have that just hasn't left the spotlight. Padded headbands, or “hatbands,” are regular headbands that have padding inside that gives them a few extra inches of volume and a more luxe feel. This trend has been everywhere since 2019. I see them sold at every store I go into, they add height and texture to your outfit. Grab a dark color for your autumn looks.

The fur bag trend comes as no surprise since 2020 was the year of cozy, but it'll be most certainly be trickling into the new year as we're not ready to let go of this trend just yet. These types of bags started showing up towards the end of the winter season, and I am pretty sure fur bags will be back this fall and winter season as well. I know I will be styling the one pictured above with future cold weather outfits.

There are probably more fashion pieces trending for fall, but these are my absolute favorite and most popular pieces that I just had to share with you. Now that fall is here, I will be sharing tons of more fall fashion looks though out the season. I will also being doing a LookBook as well deeper into fall once the leaves change and there is more of a fall like scenery outside. Stay tuned!




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