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It's The 2 Year Anniversary Of!

Today is July 31st, 2022, which means has officially been published for 2 whole years. Wow, I cannot believe it! I was contemplating making a blog for 4 years prior to July 31st, 2020. I wanted a place to make my fashion, beauty and lifestyle ideas come to life. Writing is such a powerful outlet for me that when school ended, I was very sad I was never going to write stories, poems or even summaries anymore. I thought to myself, I finally have the time, I have somewhat of a following on Instagram, why not start a blog that my followers can read? So here we are, 34,700 followers on Instagram, countless brand collaborations, fashion LookBook's for every season, tons of products reviews and so much more to come. In honor of my 2-year anniversary, I went to a lavender field. To be honest, I thought the lavenders were going to be completely bloomed with a lot more purple coloring; nonetheless, I still had the best time during the photoshoot. Love how the pictures turned out. Here are the photos down below.

My First Ever Post About My Blog

I am linking my first ever blog post here, so you can go back and read it!

I also want to share the news that has been renewed for 2 more years. I cannot wait to see where this blog will be in another 2 years. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who reads and subscribed to this blog. You are the reason I keep writing blog posts to go up every Monday and Friday and keep coming up with more and more post ideas. Stay tuned because we are just getting started here.


Happy 2 Years!



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