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I Heart Revolution x Dr. Seuss Makeup Review {Part 2}

For my birthday, I received another palette and lip-gloss from the Dr. Seuss Makeup collection. I thought, why not do a part 2 then? Like last time, I will also share photos of the entire display I saw at Target, so you can see all of the products this collection has in case you missed part 1.

There are 4 different eyeshadow palettes, 2 different face palettes, a pack of eye crayons, 2 different lip glosses and a brush set.

Actual Palette

The Shades

The 8 shades have no names, only numbers.


These shades are so fun for summer. They go on so smooth and stay on my eyelids all day. These colors are not as pigmented as the Green Eggs and Ham eyeshadow palette. That palette has darker shades, and I did not have to swatch those colors as much. If I had to choose between these two palettes, I would pick the Green Eggs and Ham one because the colors are so much better for my eye day style. Also, because they go on my eyelids so much easier. The pigmentation is much better. Both are still such a good deal for being only $10.

Oh, The Places You'll Go! Lip-Gloss

This one also has really cute packaging. I love how it says, "Oh! The Places You'll Go!" on the back of the bottle with a picture of the balloon. This lip-gloss did not feel as sticky as the Fox In Socks one. I was able to get more gloss out of this bottle then the other one. Smells really nice too. If I had to choose between these two lip-glosses, I would choose this one because this applicator works a lot better making the gloss come out very easily. Also, this one has more sparkles and shine. This peach color is great for summer date night. This lip-gloss is also $7.99.

The Lip-Gloss On Me

Color: Shimmering Peach

Texture: Gloss

Look: Shiny + Glossy

Lasts: 4 Hours

Rating: 8/10

I just want to say that I am very grateful to have received this eyeshadow palette and lip-gloss for my birthday. I love experimenting with new makeup and cannot wait to create tons of new looks with all 4 of these items from this iconic I Heart Revolution x Dr. Seuss collection. Here is the link to part 1, just in case you missed it. Have a great weekend. Stay cool out there.




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