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How To Style A Crop Top

Happy Friday, today on the blog, I am sharing how to select the right crop top for your body, how to style a crop top, and what I pair my crop tops with. I am hoping this will give y'all some great outfit ideas for spring and summer. As always, I will link all of the clothing I am wearing below the pictures. I also have my first OOTD with my Louis Vuitton bag.

Choose A Crop Top Length

There are several different lengths for a crop top. Some crop tops fall just below the bra-line, while others stop right above the belly button. There are also longer crop tops that can cover most of the belly, and just leave a small strip of skin above your waistband. For the best fit for any body type, choose a crop top that lands just above your natural waistline. Highlighting the narrowest part of your torso will give a sleek and slimming effect to the overall look, especially when paired with high-waisted bottoms.

How To Style A Crop Top

A tight crop top will look best with a looser skirt or pair of pants. A more relaxed, loose, long sleeved crop top or tank will pair nicely with high waisted jeans or shorts for a more casual or edgy look. For a night out, a tighter bottom like a mini skirt or jeans will pair well with a tight or loose crop top. I go with a solid or patterned design that hangs straight or tapers around the waistline. I always keep the look relaxed with either sandals or flats. Nudes, matching high heels and wedges are a must for a party look. You can also add elegance to the simple look with a pearl necklace, a thin necklace and bracelets. I also love to add a sun hat as an accessory in the summer to give a cute pop to the outfit.

What I Pair My Crop Tops With

I love wearing a patterned set together. The prints must match exactly, so always purchase the exact top that goes with the exact shorts. You do not want the colors to be off even just a little because then it will not match at all. Second, I will wear a long, loose maxi skirt, especially tulle skirts. A loose maxi, or a midi-length pairs well with a short, fitted crop top. I always make sure it sits above my belly button on my natural waist for a flattering look. Another look I love, is high-waisted shorts or just regular black or jean shorts. I will wear long or short sleeve crop tops as well, you just need the perfect bottoms to go with the top.

I hope you all found this post very helpful for some spring and summer fashion inspiration. Personally, I love crop tops and wear them all the time in the warmer months. On a side note, Tasha Bebe's 8th birthday is Sunday, and I am thinking about doing a blog post for her, but I cannot decide between two ideas I have. I will post a poll on my Instagram stories today. Here is the link to my Instagram, if you do not already follow me. Enjoy the weekend!




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