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Mini Spring LookBook Pt. 2

Last Friday, I was out and about in the city for a date night, and I cam across this wall with these beautiful flowers painted on it, and I just knew I had to come back with Kay, and do some outfit looks in front of it. This is a mini part 2 Spring LookBook because I only have two looks. Also, you can probably tell from my looks I have been going through a sun hat phase. I have been so obsessed with this accessory for the spring/ summer. I now have gone from 1 to 5 hats so suddenly, haha. Anyways, enjoy our spring looks.

Look #1

Look #2

Which style do you prefer?! Dress and sandals, or a hoodie and sneakers kind of look?! Send me a message, let me know. I have been sharing so much fashion content lately; I am going to try and switch it up with some beauty or lifestyle posts. Send me some ideas!




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