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Zoomoni Bag Organizer Review #2

Today, I am sharing the bag organizer I got for my Marc Jacobs The Leather Mini Tote Bag. Every time I get a designer bag, I have to get an organizer. An organizer is a must to keep everything, well, organized, haha. Today's blog post is sponsored by Zoomoni. I had purchased an organizer from them for my Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere. When I saw they wanted to send me one for my Mini Tote Bag, I was thrilled because they make the best bag organizers.


  • 5 pocket compartments to organize your bag in a neat and convenient way. Plenty of different size pockets to store your items like cosmetics, lipsticks, pens, keys, smartphone, wallet, cards, glasses, etc.

  • The organizer is hand-made with the finest Premium Felt material from South Korea that is durable, ultra-lightweight and environmentally friendly. (Certified with international conformance tests in United States, Europe and Japan). The felt material holds your personal belongings in place so they don’t move or fly around in your bag.

  • Keeps your bag in proper shape

  • Switch bags easily by simply moving the organizer to another

  • Protect your bag from pen/make-up marks, coffee spills, and potential damages to your bag’s interior parts.

Final Thoughts:

Color: 10/10

Material: 10/10

Size: 8/10

Shape: 10/10

Pockets: 10/10

Organization: 10/10

I love the color of this organizer. The color on the website completely matches up to the bag in person. The organizer and bag look perfect together. There are 25 different color options you can pick from. The material is felt, and it is so sturdy. It is very easy to bend it in to get it in and out of the bag. Very easy to maneuver. I am going to be honest and say the size of the organizer did disappoint me a little. I found that when I put the organizer in the bag, there was extra space between the bag and the organizer. I wish it was a little wider to completely match the size of my Mini Tote Bag. Nothing too off, but if it was just a few centimeters wider, it would be a perfect fit to the bag. It does keep my bag in great shape though.

The shape is just right for me. You can pick from a 2mm or 1.2mm of felt thickness. I stuck with the 2mm because I don't want the shape to be flimsily. Also, the 2mm has a water repellent finish. The pockets are fabulous. I can fit gum, my lip-glosses, etc. I love how there is 5 of them. Since I have put this organizer inside, I am so much more organized and now have a certain spot for all of my things. Things are no longer rolling around in my bag. They stay in place because of the organizer.

Overall, I rate this organizer a 9/10. One point away from a perfect score because I just wish the organizer would have matched up better to my bag, being a little wider to fit perfectly. Other than that, it is amazing. I am so glad I received this organizer. It keeps my bag organized, fitted and clean. If I get another designer bag in the future, I am for sure getting another organizer from Zoomoni. I am linking their website here.

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