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Marc Jacobs The Leather Mini Tote Bag Review

Happy Friday! This will be the last blog post before my birthday, and an exciting one it is. If you remember from my Luxury 2022 and Luxury 2023 Wishlist I had put the Marc Jacobs, The Leather Mini Tote Bag on there for 2 years in a row. Now if you remember, I was torn on what color tote to get because I wasn't fully drawn to any of them. When I saw he came out with new summer colors, I took a peek and was instantly drawn to this new color he created called, "Sun." The perfect color for summer and not to mention, my favorite color, yellow.

Talk about the perfect backdrop being the bag is called, "Sun" Haha!


10 x 5 x 8 inches

(Length x Height x Width)

  • Full grain leather

  • Top zip closure

  • Top handle

  • Strap: Adjustable and removable leather

  • Strap: 57 inches x 2 inches

  • Strap Drop: 27 inches

  • Handle Drop: 4 inches

  • 1 Interior slip pocket & 1 card slot

  • Dustbag included

Final Thoughts:

Color/ Print: 10/10

Material: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

Size: 10/10

Shape: 10/10

Hardware: 10/10

Organization: 8/10

Starting from the top, I gave the color/print a perfect score because there is so many colors to pick from. You are guaranteed to like at least one of them. The material is also a perfect score because there are multiple materials to pick from as well. Cow leather, the one I chose. Also, the tote bag comes in a canvas material as well, perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. When you purchase the bag, you can just smell that new leather smell, and it smells amazing. Like a brand-new car type of feeling. No foul-smelling leather here.

The mini size is the perfect size for me. For the longest time I contemplated over the mini or the medium, and I am really glad I chose the mini because the medium was way too big for my frame and shape. Even the sales associate said so at the store when I tried it on. She agreed that the mini fit me so much better. I want to add that I am 5'7, not too tall, not too short. The shape holds up very well. This bag is not like the Speedy Bandouliere where that bag will lose its shape without an organizer. I still plan on getting an organizer for the tote bag; however, you do not really need it for the shape like you do for Louis Vuitton handbags. For organization, that's another story and I will touch on that after hardware. The gold hardware is a classic, and makes the bag look so elegant, I just love it. Very glad they used gold instead of silver because that would not match. Lastly, for organization it is very hard to stay organized in this purse without an organizer, and that is why I believe an organizer is a must. Otherwise, all of your items would get thrown all over when using the bag because there is only 1 card slot and 1 small pocket on the inside of the bag.

Overall, I rate this bag a 9/10. The Marc Jacob tote bags have gone viral, and I see them everywhere now. Did I buy this bag because of a trend? No, I bought it for many reasons. I needed a good-quality tote for summer and travel, I wanted a nice leather bag I can take around while being able to leave my Speedy Bandouliere at home and I just wanted a Marc Jacobs bag because I have heard nothing but excellent reviews about his handbags. So yes, I highly recommend this bag. This was an early birthday present to myself, and I love it. I cannot wait to use this tote bag all summer long. I am linking the Marc Jacobs mini leather tote bag again here, for those who are interested. No blog post for my birthday Monday, as I will be away on vacation. I will have an exciting travel guide up soon all about the secret location I am going to. The next new blog post will be June 16th.




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