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xNara Personalized Supplements

Happy Friday! I am ready to get the weekend started with a sponsored post by xNara. xNara is personalized nutrition tailored to your unique body and goals. You take a free 5-minute online assessment to begin the journey of supercharging your health. Linking it here. Once completing the xNara intelligent assessment, you will also get a health report and access to your health dashboard, where you can view your evolving formula, know your superfoods, foods to avoid and access a personalized exercise program.

You will receive 2 sachets:

  • Probiotics- Prebiotics & Postbiotics

  • Nutrition- 125+ Ingredients & Precise Dosage

The sachets primary goals are:

  • Physiology- GERD, Gut Health & Weight Management

  • Mental Health- Brain Health & Sleep Quality

  • Aesthetics- Skin Health

  • Overall Health- Immune System & Fitness & Endurance

These sachets taste great! Pour the 2 sachets into your water bottle, simply add water and then just shake. I am linking the website here. Give this product a try today with my code: CHEYENNE for 20% off!




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