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Liveration Hair Tie Bracelets

Happy Monday! Today's blog post is sponsored by Livernation. Whoever said hair ties couldn't be a fashion statement? Introducing Liveration Hair Tie Bracelets. A stylish and functional accessory designed to enhance your life. Crafted with elegance and versatility in mind, the Hair Tie Bracelet features a sleek design while securely holding your hair. Whether you're at work, hitting the gym, attending social events or simply going about your day, this Hair Tie Bracelet will meet your daily hair needs.

I am wearing the "Sunset Reef" set.

Liveration Hair Tie Bracelet Features:

  • Various styles of Hair Tie Bracelets in each pack

  • Crafted with a super soft nylon cotton material

  • Highly elastic non-slip design

  • Easy to put on and remove

  • Will not tangle, crease, damage or pull hair

  • Average size is 0.3 inches in thickness and 2.5 inches in diameter, within the range of ±2 cm

  • Stretchable up to 7 inches conforming to thin or thick hair

  • Assorted styles and colors to match any daily outfit

I am linking the website here. I am also linking their Instagram here. You need to check them out today! I love these hair tie bracelets. I use them every day because I wear my hair half up every day, and they stay in place and do not move.



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