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What's In My {Winter} Bag?!

Hi everyone, I took a poll on my Instagram stories last week asking if anyone would like to see what I use as my winter bag and what I carry in it. 100% was voted for yes, so here it is. I got this bag last year from Michael Kors. This is the duffle bag from the travel girls collection. I was so obsessed and in love with this collection when I first saw it last year; I just knew I needed a piece from the set, so I got the duffel size to use in the winter time and when I travel as well. It really is a great piece. I love Michael Kors. All of his pieces are so well made and really elegant, stylish items to have in your closet. He has another travel inspired collection again this year, and I might just have to snag a piece from his new set this year, hehe!

Everything I Carry In My Bag

From left to right, I have my light blue I-Pad for work, a travel hairspray, my hairbrush, my wallet, Halls Defense Vitamin C Drops, my Passport, my Michael Kors receipt for the bag, some face masks, lady products, a Kit Kat for a snack, a pony tail, a mini hand sanitizer, EOS watermelon lip balm and a pen. Also, cannot forget my phone and car keys. Just not shown.

Seeing everything in my bag laid out up above makes me feel like I really do not carry that much stuff, what do y'all think?! Haha! Short little post, I know. I will have a new one up on Monday that is Thanksgiving themed that I am sooo excited about. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, see ya Monday!




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