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What's In My Backpack?!

Getting back to my school related posts, I will be sharing everything I carry with me in my school backpack. I have wanted to do this post for awhile because I think it's always so interesting to see what people carry in their school bags; I don't even know why, haha. This year, it is a little different because of COVID and I have an art class {ceramics}, so I have a lot of tools I have to carry for that class. All of the items I list below are things I need to function and survive at school. Everything I carry I use and need.

This is my yellow backpack from the Hunter X Target Collab.

Soooo, to start, when you first open the bag, there is a small pocket at the back of the bag. Most backpacks have this feature. I will keep my schedule for the current semester and a pack of gum in there. That is it; I want to keep that pocket light because it will be touching my back.

Next, is the main entrée, the whole backpack. I will start from the back to the front. I keep one folder and one notebook for the class I am going to. Then I have my planner and my favorite planner pens.

In the middle of my backpack, I have my pencil case. Inside, I have my calculator, hand sanitizer, mini lotion, Chapstick, a seam ripper, mini stapler, pens, pencils, highlighters, and a eraser. I also like to always have a bag of Halls Defense, the assorted citrus kind, and a small bag of Cheez-Its if I get hungry running to class or afterwards.

This year, I have to carry so many additional items just for my ceramics class. I have a makeup case for all of my clay tools, a sketchpad and a rolling pin too. The rolling pin literally sticks out of my bag.

I also throw my phone, wallet and keys in my backpack while I'm walking. My laptop does not fit in my backpack. She has her own Vera Bradley case. I also have a separate gym bag for my clothes and headphone. Then my workout shoes just stay in my car in their own Nike bag.

That is everything in my backpack. I hope you enjoyed. I know, I carry a lot of stuff, lol! See you all in the next one. Have an amazing week! {-:




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