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What I Eat In A {Work} Day/ Calorie Counter

Happy Monday! Today, I am doing a part 2 of my, "What I Eat In A Day" work edition. I kept track of everything I ate at work on Friday. I feel like I eat and drink a lot more at work because it can be so unpredictable. Let's jump in and compare the total calories I eat on a school vs work day.


Same as last time, I had a small cup of milk and Entenmann's Little bites, the chocolate flavored muffins.

Cup of milk: 50 calories

Little Bites: 190 calories


I always eat lunch at 3p.m. at work when the Ellen DeGeneres show is on. I have been obsessed with this Santa Fe salad from Target, and it is only $3.49, and is so filling. I has had two snacks on the side, a dark chocolate, peanut & almond bar from Nature Valley and Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its. I drank water with my lunch.

Salad: 280 Calories

Nature Valley Bar: 170 calories

Cheez-Its: 140 calories

Water: 0 calories


Dinner time, at work edition. A co-worker actually bought me dinner on Friday from Arby's, which was really nice. I have never had this sandwich before. It is called the, "Classic Beef 'N Cheese." Oh my gosh, it was soo good! The Mozzarella sticks were also amazing as well. I ate 4 of those, not 6. I drank water with this meal as well.

Sandwich: 450 calories

Mozzarella Sticks: 460 calories

Water: 0 calories


After an hour long run, I burned off over 700 calories.

That is everything I ate in a workday. Let's add up all of the calories and get the total amount of calories I eat in a day:

50 + 190 + 280 + 170 + 140 + 450 + 460 = 1,740- 700= 1,040 calories a day

Overall, I did not consume that many more calories like I thought I would at work vs. at school. I consumed 902 calories for a school day vs. 1,040 calories for a work day. Now, I am not promoting or condoning you to eat like this, or saying you should consume this amount of calories per day. I am simply just documenting how much I personally eat in a day. I still feel like I have a great balance of working out and eating healthy. On a side note, my next blog post will be Christmas themed. I do not know exactly what type of Christmas themes post yet, but it will be holiday related. Get excited!




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