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Valentine's Day Gift Idea {SWEETV}

Valentine's Day is less than a month away. I have the perfect gift idea for you and your husband/wife, fiancé or boyfriend/girlfriend. Today's post is sponsored by SWEETV. SWEETV has just launched their beautiful couples' crowns. What better way to feel like royalty with your significant other on the most romantic day of the year?!

"Inspired by the lavish feast in "The Great Gatsby," this crown features gold as its primary hue, elegantly capturing and reviving the glamour and prosperity of the Roaring Twenties. As you admire its streamlined contours, you will discover how they artfully resurrect the unique artistic flair of that bygone era. The lustrous aquamarine jewels, like the clear, innocent gaze of a ravishing lady, echo Gatsby's pure love for Daisy. Every detail weaves the singular narrative of that time, immersing you not only in the past luxury, but also leading you to the deep-seated aspirations that the era harbored for the days to come."


  • Color: Sapphire

  • Diameter: 5.9-6.69 inches

  • Embellishment: Crystal

  • Height: 2.67-2.93 inches

  • Metal: Alloy

I am linking their website here. Use Code: CHEY15 for 15% Off! As you may have noticed, I collaborated with this brand last year. I always love working with this brand because they have the most beautiful crowns that can be worn for prom, weddings, Valentine's Day, dress up, etc.




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