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Unique Instagram Photoshoot Ideas

As it gets colder outside it can be hard to find good spots to take Instagram pictures. I know that this month and March are always hard for me to find Instagram locations because the weather is just so weird, and there is not much going on besides Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's day in these months. I came up with some unique photoshoot ideas that you probably never thought of that will still look cool on your IG feed. Take a look below.


I keep seeing laundromat photoshoots all over Instagram, so it is very in right now to take pictures there. Perfect for an inside location idea when it is cold outside.

The Library

If you want you post to be fashion focused, try posing in front of a book shelf. It will keep all of the eyes on you look because all of the books just blend together in the background. Another great inside location spot when it is chilly outside.

A Car

Posing in front of a cute car is always a great idea. It doesn't even have to be yours, if you see a nice one on the street, take a quick picture to get the shot.

A Brick Wall

So simple, yet so elegant. Always looks good in the background. Another good outfit focused background idea. A must for at least one picture on your feed. This is always a very popular background in influencer's posts. Fun fact: My first ever Instagram post was by a stone wall!

A Mural

Kelsey Montague has interactive street art in every single state. If you haven't seen her work yet, look it up on her world map, and see where the closet one to you is. This will really add some creativity and fun to your feed. Or, you can look up for any kind of street art near you to snap a picture.

An Abandoned Building

Add some edge to your photos by posing in front of an abandoned building. There is bound to be some where you live because they are all over every city. Another non-costly Instagram photo idea.

Zoom In

Zoom in on the focused product to completely get rid of the background. A different angle for your feed.

A Selfie

Nowadays we forget about the classic selfie that basically invented social media. Remeber when taking selfies were such a big deal? Now we forget to post them because they are "just selfies." Post your current favorite selfie of yourself to show off your beauty.

Those are my ideas for taking unique Instagram photos. I know we have all taken photos in the sunflower field or the pumpkin patch these past few months, so this should mix up you IG theme. Have any ideas I missed? Send them to me on my Instagram.




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