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Uin Footwear Review {Again}

Happy Monday, and in case you forgot, yesterday was Mother's Day. Don't worry, I have the perfect belated gift idea for Mother's Day, a birthday, graduation, etc. Uin Footwear has shoes for not just women, men and children too. I received 3 different pairs that I will be sharing with you all. They have so many unique patterns from sunflowers to cats to cities, etc. There is a pair of shoes for everyone at Uin Footwear. Thank you Uin Footwear for sponsoring me.

I am wearing a size 9 in the photos.

Design Concept:

"'I find comfort in contemplating the sunflowers,' Van Gogh once said, and we, too, find comfort in contemplating Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings of “Sunflowers,” where fifteen sunflowers erupt out of a simple earthenware pot against a blazing yellow background. Painted in Provence during a rare period of excited optimism, the vibrant colors of this masterpiece have inspired artists for generations. It was also the picture that Van Gogh was most proud of. For the Dutch painter, yellow symbolized happiness and life’s vibrancy. What a better reason to celebrate life with all its contradictions, emotions, and experiences! Keep your mood up and enjoy a vibrant life with these knitted shoes."

Kay is wearing a size 8 in the photos.

Design Concept:

"Uin & the National Gallery of London collaborate to present an artfully designed collection of Uin's classic and late st footwear, inspired by the timeless masterpieces housed in the National Gallery. This exclusive collection walks you "A Timeless Journey," granting you an immersive artistic and cultural experience,"

They created different stages in the sunflower's life cycle. Kay is wearing the "Recreation, V4" ones. A unique twist to Van Gogh's fabulous sunflower paintings. By reshaping the masterpiece with pure color brushes, this vintage painting radiates a new kind of charm.

Mary is wearing a size 8 in the photos.

Design Concept:

"Explore the world and impart new vigor to the mind."

Shoe Descriptions:


Canvas Upper: 100% Pure Cotton {Sunflowers V4 + Ferry Well}

Knitted {Sunflower}

Heel Lining: Short Plush

Insole: SARP Shock Guard Technology

Outsole: EVA, Toledo- Map Crafted

Closure Type: Slip-On

Foot Shaped Design:

The shape of insole resembles the shape of the feet with wider toe space

Soft and Flexible:

Soft RPS cushioned insoles provides all-day comfort

Super Lightweight:

14 oz per pair, offers barefoot nature

Machine Washable

Easily throw in the washer without a fear of them getting damaged



Absolutely love these shoes. I wore them the past 2 days at the tulip festival, and they were just so comfortable and lightweight on my feet. I could honestly wear them 24/7. Currently my favorite shoes. Go snag yourself a pair today! I am linking their website here.




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