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Saint Patrick's Day Look

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I wanted to post an OOTD for the day, to give some outfit inspiration. I found the perfect location and just had to take a picture in front of it. As always, I will have my shoppable links below, feel free to click and purchase as you please. Now, I have had this green dress for years, and have never actually taken a picture in it, so I thought this holiday would be perfect for it being the dress is green, haha. My caption for my Instagram photo is, "Shake Your Shamrocks!" Funny?! I thought it was quite clever, lol.

My Complete OOTD. I actually am not Irish, but if I did not work today I would still want to partake in some of the fun Saint Patrick's Day events. I have never tried green beer, and have always wanted to. I also have always wanted to go to a fun parade as well. I will have another post up Friday, see ya then!




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