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Monochromatic Winter Outfit

Sharing a trend I have been loving lately, a monochromatic two piece look. I received the fur skirt for Christmas, and just knew I needed the matching top to go with it. Now, I am going to tell you that I wore the sweater backwards because the sweater is a button up, and I hate buttons. I wanted the plain side showing in the front, which I personally think is a lot cuter. It's super comfortable and really fuzzy, so the set keeps you warm. I'm wearing a size small in both the sweater and skirt. These ear muffs I have had for a really long time, so I will link similar ones. I also just realized they match my nails perfectly, which is awesome as well!

I'm so excited for 2021, and to just be out of 2020. I cannot wait to dive into new content this year. I have some fun collabs coming up this year. Hopefully can start travelling again as well to do some travel guides. What type of content do y'all want to see from me this year?! Send me a DM, and let me know.




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