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My 5 Favorite Photo Op Spots In Michigan

Today on the blog, I will be sharing my top 5 favorite photo op spots in Michigan! Now, I am going to do another blog post down the road of my top 5 favorite cities in Michigan. I will list the best food, shopping, activities & photo op spot for that city. When I say "photo op spots," I mean a cute background/ place one can pose by, and get a cute photo for Instagram.

5. The Holland Oz Project

Holland, MI

A real life book of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

4. Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory

Ann Arbor, MI

So aesthetically pleasing for the gram. It's hot as can be in here though.

3. Grand Haven Waterfront

Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven has the best beach in Michigan {in my opinion} for photos.

2. Cranbrook House & Gardens

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Countless photoshoots done here because all of the photos turn out stunning.

1. Butterfly Wings

By: Kelsey Montague

Muskegon, MI

These wings are everything. Kelsey is soo talented! If you are looking for more, she has them in Ann Arbor and Detroit as well.

~I Have Officially Had This Blog For A Month Now~

Short post this week, I know! I am just so exhausted from work this past weekend I could fall asleep while typing this, lol. I hope y'all enjoyed this cute photo post. I'm going to hit the hay now. Byeee!




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