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Mobile Pixels {Reviewing The Duex Max}

Looking to become a blogger?! Or you just wish you could get more done? You need the Duex Max. Today's post is sponsored by Mobile Pixels. Duex Max is the most upgraded, portable dual-screen laptop accessory that makes multitasking effortless. The portable monitor allows you to get mobile work done, watch entertainment on the go and everything in between.

The Benefits of The Duex Max:

  • Perfect for 14" & Larger Laptops

  • 14.1" 1080P FHD Display

  • Comes in Four Colors

  • Only 1.8lbs For Its Size

  • Compatible with macOS/ Windows

Arrives in this box with instructions on how to set it up inside

The portable monitor is magnetic and clips right onto my laptop

I can write my blog on my laptop

While linking my outfits

& filtering my photos

The dual screen makes multitasking a breeze and saves me so much time. With a DisplayPort enabled USB-C port, the Duex Max dual laptop monitor allows for high-speed video transmission and a plug-and-play experience packed into a single cable. Duex Max features a larger 14.1'' full-HD display that easily slides out to either side of your laptop. You’ll enjoy the same 1080p resolution, yet at an 85% screen-to-body ratio so everything you see is crisp and clear. Experience optimal color temperature and brightness that minimizes the emission of blue light from your second display.

Work and play comfortably with less eye fatigue while reading, word processing, and more in low-light environments. Our colorful gaming monitor ensures hours of endless fun without the headache. At just 1.8 pounds, Duex Max is 23% lighter and gives you true mobility with the most durable materials. It is also energy-efficient and specially designed to reduce battery drain from your laptop. Plus, Duex Max was created with ABS and aluminum, so it can withstand the wear and tear that comes with transporting your laptop around. Duex Max features auto rotation and can be used in its intended landscape mode, portrait mode, presentation mode, eye care mode or kickstand mode. Perfect for any scenario.

I am linking their website here, so you can get your very own Duex Max, portable screen today. Trust me, it will make your life so much easier and time efficient. I love having the option of two screens on one laptop.




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