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How To Create A Santa Hat With The Stitch N Style

Happy Monday, as we get closer to Christmas, I want to do more and more holiday themed posts. With that being said, today, I am going to show you how to create a Santa Hat using the Stitch N Style sewing machine. Today's post is sponsored by Stitch N Style. This sewing machine is so easy to use. A DIYer's dream. It is less intimidating than a traditional sewing machine. It makes sewing so simple.

The Packaging & Sewing Machine

All You Need Is:


Faux Fur

Faux Fur Pom Pom

Measuring Tape

& Scissors

Step #1:

Cut Out 2 Triangles:

12 Inches Wide


15 Inches High

Step #2:

Put The Triangles Together With The Right Sides Facing.

Stitch Down The Sides With A Quarter Inch Seam Allowance.

Step #3:

Sew The Faux Fur To The Bottom Of The 2 Triangles.

Step #4:

Lastly, Hand Sew Your Pom Pom To The Top.

The Finished Product

Voilá! So Quick & Easy To Make.

I am linking the Stitch N Style here, so you can get your very own today. It is a fabulous Christmas present idea. I cannot wait to make more fun DIY projects on this machine. Until next time. Have a great week. See you back here on Friday.




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