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Makeup Revolution x The Grinch Review

Coming at you with another makeup review. This time with Makeup Revolution who created a Grinch collection. So iconic! I love The Grinch. It holds sentimental value for me. There are so many great pieces in this collection, but I had to narrow it down to just two items to review. Of course, I had to pick the eyeshadow palette and lip kit. Wow, is all I can say. Scroll down for my complete review. You might be shocked with how I feel about this one.

Little Max Lip Kit

Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner

Let me start by saying, this packaging is spot on. I love how this lip kit is completely based around Max. The color is a very bold and bright red just like his collar. The applicator is a great size. The lipstick went on so smoothly, as did the liner. This lip kit is $10.

The Lip Kit On Me

Color: Bold, Bright Red

Texture: Lipstick + Lip Liner

Look: Smooth

Lasts: 7 Hours

Rating: 7/10 {Too Red For Me, Hard To Get Off}

Eye Shadow Palette Box

The Front & Back Of The Palette

Palette With Cover

"I'm Not Mad, It's Just How My Face Looks"


Palette Top With Mirror

Palette Bottom With Eyeshadows

17-pan eyeshadow palette. From top to bottom: Seasick Crocodile, Whoville, Mean One, Snarky, Cindy Lou Who, Resting Grinch Face, Oh The Who Manity, I'm Not Going, Mount Crumpit, His Heart Grew, Noise!, Grinch Fingers, Santy Claus, Grinch Please, Merry Whatever, Anti-Social & I Hate People.

Ultra-pigmented, blendable pressed powders that are long wearing, apply evenly and feel super soft for effortless application. These medium tones are so much fun for the holiday season. Lasted all day on my eyelids. Also, this packaging is amazing. I love how this palette comes with a mirror shaped as the Grinch's head and has a photo of the Grinch next to it.


So many different shades of green in this palette. I think there is a great variety of other colors too. It makes sense that 7 of the shades are green because hello, the Grinch is green. I love the combination of glitter and matte shades. There are endless amounts of looks I can create. This eyeshadow palette is only $20, and you get 17 different shades.

My First Look I Created With This Palette

After opening this palette and checking out all of the shades, I knew my first makeup look had to involve green. I used the shade, "I'm Not Going." It is such a deep green. My complaints are that it is too pigmented and very hard to remove. Be prepared for a very bold look. If you like neutral makeup looks this palette is not for you. There are 1 or 2 neutral shades, but that is it. Also, the eyeshadow would fall off my eyelids onto my face. Removing it made it worse; it made my whole face turn green. After scrubbing and washing my face, the eyeshadow finally came off.

Final Thoughts:

I love this collection simply because of the packaging and the spirit of Christmas it holds. The Grinch is such a fun tradition in our family. Watching it every year leading up to Christmas. The movie holds so much magic for me. I would buy both of these products because of that. Just remember there is a lot of pigmentation in both the Lip Kit and The Palette. Also, they are kind of tricky to remove. Everything in this collection is so affordable; therefore, I highly recommend purchasing from it.




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