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Go Back To School With Confidence

Hi Everyone! Long time, no blog post. I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Labor Day. I spent the day at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. It was really enjoyable. Now, lets drive right into this weeks blog post. In the spirit of my back to school blog post series I am doing, this post is going to be all about going back to school and dealing with confidence. I have always been really quiet in school, and I still am until this day. It can be hard to handle school. Whether it is middle or high school, even college. I will be sharing with you my keys to going back to school with confidence.

Set Goals

Going thru middle or high school can be a difficult time. I remember dealing with girls who were just so mean and rude to me for no reason at all. I always made goals that I not only wanted to accomplish for the school, yet my end goal as well. I had to remember that this is only temporary; however, where I want to go, and what I want to do in life is forever. I recommend making a dream board. Cut out pictures in magazines, find quotes on the Internet, etc. Put anything on this board that you want your future to look like.

A Cute Outfit Is Always Good

Personally, when I am dressed up and have makeup on, I feel my best. A fabulous outfit, fresh sneakers or a new hairstyle you wear to school will always add to your confidence. When you feel great, you generate good vibes and energy.

Get Involved

Join a club, or try out for a sport. This is a great way to gain the confidence you want to have. This is also a great way to make new friends, and figure out what extracurricular you love to do during your K-12 school years. This will also determine what group you relate/ fit in with most. Meaning, are you more of a jock or a liberal arts person? Do you like to debate or write for the school paper? Extra curricular's are always a plus to do in school. I did cheerleading and choir in my middle and high school years.

{Omg, I was 14 & Kay was 8 here!}

Find A Mentor

These years can be hard. If you are having difficulty in school, finding a mentor or someone you feel comfortable talking to is always a good idea. It can be a counselor, parent, friend, etc. There is people I know who would go and speak with someone once a week about their life, and what is really stressing or bothering them. Talking it out with someone, and getting feedback for situations always helps me out until this day. Especially if I am stressed or anxious about work. Being a salesman is very stressful at times!

Take A Personal Day Here & There

I am not saying to skip school, but sometimes you just need a day or two away from your teachers and peers. A little break is what I am saying. You may feel like you are drowning in piles of endless homework or dealing with a bully. A personal day here and there is always good to get away and clear your head from everything.

Class Buddy

Find a buddy in each of your classes who you can exchange numbers with. Therefore, if you miss a day, you can just text them, and ask them what happened that day in class. I still do this in college. This is a great way to expand beyond your friend group. Walk up to someone you do not know so well, and ask if you can be class buddies. What?! Who would actually say no? Also, this is a good way to talk to your crush too.

Do Not Care What Others Think

My last tip on school confidence, but the most important one! At times, if can be easy to follow the crowd and give into what people think. DON'T DO IT! Wear what makes you happy. Join the clubs or teams you want to join. Keep your beliefs. Do not let anyone ever dull your sparkle. I have always been unapologetically myself, and I honestly regret nothing because of that.

There it is! My best keys to having confidence in school. Trust me, I know school can be hard, especially middle and high school, so keep your head up princesses and princes', don't let your tiara fall.




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