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End Of Summer Activities {You Can Still Do}

Happy Labor Day, this Holiday always signifies, for me, the close of summer. The last hurrah! As this is the final week of freedom before school starts for many, I want to give some fun ideas you can do the last week of summer vacation. These activities are focused for the end of summer vibe. So, let's jump in before school starts!


There is usually a state fair or carnival nearby, Labor Day weekend.

Find A Sunflower Field

The sunflowers are in bloom in August/ September, find one near you to explore and take


Go To A Botanical Garden

The best time to go is now because it is not too hot or not too cold to walk around.

Graffiti Walls

Now is the time to explore the graffiti walls in your area before it gets cold.

Fruit Picking

Now is the perfect time to pick raspberries or apples. I picked blueberries last summer, and raspberries this summer.

Selfie Museum

This is a new concept that keeps popping up all over town, a must see, at least once.

Eat Out

An end of summer girls brunch, date night or family get together.

Shopping Spree

One last splurge before the summer ends, and school begins.

One Last Beach Trip. . .

Need I say more?!

Go To A Petting Zoo, Spot A Rainbow & Tour An Art Museum

My last three ideas all in one.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to live the rest of summer to the fullest before it ends. Wow, did these past few months go by very fast, and now fall is coming soon. Whose ready?! I know I am not. Although I love Halloween, I am not ready for the cold weather. See ya in the next one.




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