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Cornea Care Review {Eye Vitamins & Minerals}

Happy Friday! Wow, October is really flying by. Today, I am happy to announce I have started a 3-month partnership with Cornea Care. That means, I will be reviewing a variety of their products and sharing them with you all. With that being said, today's post is sponsored by Cornea Care. Whether you’re looking to take the first step in eye health & wellness, or ready to create a personalized treatment plan, they make it easy to take care of your eyes. They specialize in eye drops, eyelid hygiene, vitamins and many more. Today, I am going to be talking about their Eye Vitamins & Minerals. A single multivitamin to address the nutritional needs of your eyes, mind and body.

Eye Vitamins & Minerals Benefits:

  • Clean: 60 tablets for 30-day supply with safe and widely used ingredients

  • Convenient: One bottle, one multivitamin for eyes, mind and body

  • Effective: Uniquely formulated to reduce inflammation and oxidation, and promote visual, mental and physical health

  • Skincare benefits: Anti-aging, hydration, reduce sun damage, decrease scarring and even skin tone

  • Key ingredients: To cover the real gaps in your diet without overdoing it

Perfect For:

  • Eyes: Dryness, irritation, redness, blurry or cloudy vision, retina issues and high eye pressure

  • Body: Energy, joints, bones, muscles, heart, liver, kidney and immune system

  • Mind: Mood, alertness and sleep

The multivitamin works best when used consistently. Use it to supplement your diet and address real deficiencies. What’s good for the eyes, should also be good for the mind and body. Make eyecare a part of your daily self-care. The multivitamin is informed by scientific research, supported by patient experience and backed by eye doctors.

Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening. It works best when consumed with food and with a full glass of water.

I am linking the website here.

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