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ColourPop Hocus Pocus 2 Lip Gloss Set & Palette Review

Hocus Pocus 2 has officially been out for 2 weeks! Have you seen the movie yet? I won't give anything away, but I definitely prefer the first movie. It's a classic, and those are always hard to top. When I saw ColourPop was doing a Hocus Pocus 2 collection, I knew I had to get the lip gloss set and the palette. I am so excited to review them for you. I wanted to get this review up before it all sells out like the first collection did.

The Lip Gloss Set

Sarah, Winnie & Mary


From top to bottom: Mary, Winnie & Sarah


Lip Gloss: Boys Will Love Me

Color: Sheer Sparkling Black

Texture: Glossy {Semi Sticky}

Look: Crystal Shine

Lasts: 6 Hours

Rating: 8/10 {Some Hints Of Black}


Lip Gloss: Sisters, Behold!

Color: Sparkling Clear

Texture: Glossy {Semi Sticky}

Look: Crystal Shine

Lasts: 6 Hours

Rating: 10/10 {My Favorite}


Lip Gloss: We're Young

Color: Peachy Nude

Texture: Glossy {Semi Sticky}

Look: Crystal Shine

Lasts: 6 Hours

Rating: 9/10 {Slight Orange Tint}

In my opinion, these shades are so much better than last year's set. I love how they are lip glosses and not lip sticks. I wear glosses way more often. I like how they are glossy see-through with a light hint of glitter that come in three different colors. The only downside is that they are a little sticky, as lip gloss usually is. I will definitely be wearing these three glosses all of October.

All Hallows Eve Palette

15-pan eyeshadow palette. Top row from left to right: Candle Is Alight, Spell Book, Cursed, Havoc, 17th Century. Second row from left to right: 29 Years, Marvelous, Brew Another Batch, Wicked Ways, Witch Hunters. Third row from left to right: Cometh To Us, Doomed, Night Of Sins, Observe, Till Midnight.

Ultra-pigmented, blendable pressed powders that are long wearing, apply evenly and feel super velvety for effortless application. You have matte, metallic, matte sparkle and a new pearlescent glitter finish! Lasted over 10 hours on my eyelids. As always, the packaging is perfection.


Wow, just wow! Look at these colors. These colors are a lot bolder and brighter compared to the last palette. My critique for the last palette was that there was no fiery orange color to represent Winnie's bright orange hair she has. They definitely made up for that in this palette, by not one, yet two shades. Marvelous is a glittery orange and doomed is a matte orange shade. I have no critiques for this Hocus Pocus 2 palette. I have endless amounts of looks I can create.

My First Look I Created With This Palette

After opening this palette and checking out all of the shades, I knew my first makeup look had to involve green. It is used all over this collection and in the movie. I first used the shade "Cursed" and it was very light and hardly showing up on my lids. I was not expecting that, so I mixed it with "Brew Another Batch" and got this green, sparkly combination that turned out amazing. The perfect color for fall.

Final Thoughts:

Run, do not walk to your nearest Ulta or go to the ColourPop website right now because this collection is serving looks. It is everything and more. You need these lip glosses and palette for fall. I am so impressed. At first, I wasn't even going to get this collection. Luckily, I was gifted the palette and one of the lip glosses, so I decided to buy the other two. I am so thankful because this collection is my favorite one yet. Linking the Lip Gloss Set & the Palette here as well. The lip gloss set includes all 3 lip glosses at a really affordable price. Everything in this collection is very budget friendly.




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