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Betsey Johnson Pumpkin Crossbody Bag Review

Hello Friday, the weekend is here. Today, I have my last fall post before the holiday posts start. I have wanted this bag for a while, though I never put it on my Luxury Wishlist because I could never actually pull the trigger on getting it. There have been a few different designs of this bag over the years; however, I like this one the best. This one is circle shaped just like a pumpkin, while the others were not, so I had to buy it.


8.5 x 6.6 x 8.5inches

(Length x Height x Depth)

  • Imported

  • Manmade materials

  • Top zipper closure

  • Style Name: BJ71405F

Everything I Carry In My Bag

From left to right, I have my keys, Quaker Chewy granola bar, TREsemmé travel hairspray, lip-gloss, blueberry chapstick, mini monkey mirror, Louis Vuitton reverse monogram cardholder, travel Advil and Trident watermelon gum.

Final Thoughts:

Color/ Print: 10/10

Material: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

Size: 10/10

Shape: 10/10

Hardware: 10/10

Organization: 8/10

Starting from the top, I gave the color/print a perfect score because I feel like this bag resembles a pumpkin so well. The orange color is spot on, obviously. The big lips and bushy eyebrows make this bag so adorable and perfect for all of the fun fall activities. The material is also a perfect score because it is nice and thick for those cool, fall days meaning this bag will not ruin easily. No-foul smell. The bag smelled fresh and new when I got it. It was very clean and wrapped really well too.

There is only one size of this bag, and I feel like it fits me perfectly. I am 5'7, and when I wear it, it comes down to my upper thigh. A good length. I love the shape of the bag; it matches a pumpkin shape perfectly being round. The gold hardware is a classic, and makes the bag look so elegant, I just love it. Very glad they used gold instead of silver because that would not match. I also really like how they used fabric to cover the chain for the majority of it because chain on bags can be uncomfortable and dig into my shoulders. Chain also gives me a very cold feeling at times, so I really appreciate the extra material they added. Lastly, for organization it is very hard to stay organized in this purse without an organizer; however, you do not necessarily need one. This pumpkin bag is fairly small and a special holiday bag, so it shouldn't be used as an everyday bag where you would need an organizer. I highly recommend carrying light when using this bag, as you will not fit much.

Overall, I rate this bag 10/10. This is THE bag for the fall season and Halloween. I took this bag to Salem, and I got sooo many compliments. Everyone loved this bag. Even though Halloween is over, you can get ahead of the game, and get this bag for spooky season next year My only regret is not getting this bag sooner because it is perfect. I am linking the Betsey Johnson pumpkin crossbody bag here.

I also want to say, I will be taking a break from the blog for one week to prep for holiday content. New blog posts will return November 13th. See you all then.




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