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8 Things I Have Learned From Being A Cat Mommy

In honor of Tasha Bebe's birthday this past Sunday, May 2nd, I want to do a blog post for her. I posted on my Instagram Story two different blog post ideas, and this one won. Today I will be talking about 8 things I have learned from being a cat mommy because Tasha turned 8 years old. She has been in my life for 8 years, and I seriously cannot believe it. I remember just yesterday holding her for the very first time. She was so small, she fit entirely in my one hand. Now, lets jump into this weeks blog post that is dedicated to my Tasha Bebe.

1. Be In The Moment

I always notice that Tasha is the happiest when I am playing or sitting next to her. When I am on the phone she will look at me with an annoyed face until I put my phone down, lol. Therefore, I always try to put all of my attention and focus on her because your pets really do notice when you are distracted and not living in the moment with them.

2. Never Stop Exploring

I never stop exploring new things with Tasha. She constantly loves to discover anything and everything I bring home. She always has to check it out by sniffing to make sure its up to her standards. By having Tasha I have had some of the best adventures in my life. Countless Instagram photoshoots, learning what her favorite games and toys are and our late night snuggles I will never get tired of.

3. Make Eye Contact

Tasha has the most beautiful big marble yellow eyes. Her and I both have big eyes, haha. I have found that when you look into a cat's eyes you can really connect with them on an emotional level. They feel safe and secure. She will usually come and sit closer to me after we have a moment like that. Sometimes people do not like to make eye contact because it can be intimidating. Eyes are the window to the soul they say.

4. Enjoy The Little Things

Food, water, a place to sleep and some love, that is really all a cat needs. Animals really do enjoy the little things in life. For the past 8 years I have learned that is exactly how Tasha is. When she plays, she could just play with her ball game over and over again, and never get tired of it. She could sleep on the same blanket, and look out the same window all day long at the lake, and never get bored. This is a lesson humans can learn from animals.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

We all know that cats clean themselves constantly. After they eat, once they wake up or before they go to bed, they are taking care of themselves. Sometimes I can forget to put myself first. I find the need to put others before me at times, and Tasha has definitely shown it is ok to put myself first, and never lose sight of who I am.

6. Learn To Trust

Tasha has put all of trust in me her entire life. She relies on me for food, water, etc. No matter if she is tired or annoyed that day she still knows she can rely on me for anything. She has shown me to trust people better because she has put her life into my hands. Very serious, I know. At times people can have a hard time trusting one another from hurt or sadness, but no matter what has happened between Tasha and I, she always trusts me.

7. Rest Is A Must

My girl always knows when she is tired, and when she needs to sleep. At times I will push myself and constantly want to go go go. By seeing her know when she needs to take a break I have learned that it is ok for me to take a break as well, and want a break from people, my job, working out, and so on. I now do not push myself anymore to my cracking point. We need to take care of our bodies because it is the only one we are ever going to get in life, and Tasha knows this.

8. Stay Curious

Tasha never stops exploring, learning new things and trying new adventures no matter how old she gets. She always needs to be in the action, find out what that loud noise was or sniff the newest item that was brought home. So my last piece of advice that I have learned from having Tasha for 8 years is, stay curious.




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