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Valentine's Day Gift Idea {SWEETV}

Valentine's Day is just one week and a day away. I have the perfect gift idea for you and your husband/wife, fiancé or boyfriend/girlfriend. Today's post is sponsored by SWEETV. SWEETV has just launched their beautiful couples' crowns. What better way to feel like royalty with your significant other on the most romantic day of the year?!

"Shining love like meteors. Love is nurturing, fully blossoming and becoming a better self. This crown set from SWEETV series is inspired by meteors in the night sky. Every couple, like the meteor shower, sets each other on fire and shines brightly with romantic sparks. Sapphire shares the depth and breadth of the night sky. White rhinestones are dazzling like surrounding stars. With the designer’s rosy imagination, this crown gathered fascinating love and best wishes. Hope every crown wearer will be the shining star in their love."


  • Color: Sapphire

  • Embellishment: Crystal & Rhinestone

  • Metal: Alloy

I am linking their website here.

Use Code: CHEY15

For 15% Off!




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