Thanksgiving LookBook 2022

As you can tell by the title, I have my annual Thanksgiving LookBook for you today. The first year I did a Thanksgiving LookBook, I had the post up 3 days before Thanksgiving. Last year, I had the post up 6 days before Thanksgiving. This year, the post is up 13 days before Thanksgiving. Almost 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. I wanted to get the LookBook up really early this year to make sure if you purchase something, it will 100% come before the holiday. Post-pandemic, I have noticed that shipping takes a lot longer than it did two years ago. I want there to be more than enough time for the items to arrive and exchanges can be made if needed. This year, I have a variety of 4 looks from casual to fancy, and as always, I will be posting my Thanksgiving OOTD on the actual holiday.

Look #1

Metallic Sweater



Puff Clutch

Look #2

Tie-Front Top


Black Boots

Saddle Bag

Look #3



Combat Boots

Faux Fur Bag

Look #4



Yellow Bag

Those are my 4 Thanksgiving outfit ideas. I tried to give a great variety of looks. Personally, for me, I like to dress up a little bit on the holiday, but nothing super fancy. I would wear any of these outfits for Thanksgiving. That's why I chose them; however, none of these are going to be my Thanksgiving look. That is still to be determined in the coming week, so stay tuned for that post on Thanksgiving.