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Slobrew Botanical Clay Mask

Happy Monday! Today I have a sponsored post with Slobrew Botanical. For those of you who do not know what Slowbrew Botanical is, it is a unique, freshly made organic skincare brand in Japan. An antioxidant-packed, Vitamin C-enriched hydrating mask for that dreamy everyday glow. From the organic Kochi Yuzu Farm, delivered straight to your skincare cabinet. You need to try this because it is formulated with organic Yuzu essence to help combat dull, uneven skin tone. Cleanses and renews skin by drawing out impurities and excess oil with Montmorillonite Clay. Has clean, vegan and cruelty-free formulation with your skin and the planet in mind. You will love this mask; it will make you skin glow and shine. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Formulated With:

Yuzu Extract (Japanese Lemon) Vitamin C + Powerful Antioxidant:

  • Brightens dull, uneven skin tone to bring out your skin’s natural glow

  • 4x more Vitamin C than any other citrus fruit

  • Powerful dose of natural antioxidant defensing skin against free radicals

Montmorillonite Yellow Clay Detoxify + Cleanse:

  • Gently cleanses and exfoliates skin

  • Draws out excess oil and impurities

  • Creates a protective nano-thick barrier against irritants

Carbon 60 Fullerene Balance + Moisture:

  • Nobel Prize winning, revolutionary ingredient

  • Soaks up free radicals (a major cause of aging) like a sponge

  • Maintains skin elasticity and moisture

Cruelty Free + Vegan, 100% Natural Ingredients, Dermatologist Approved & Made Fresh.

If you would like to try this mask, I have it linked here. You get your first three masks for free, and only have to pay for shipping, what a deal! I have their Instagram linked here as well, so you can go check them out on there.




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