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MGP Caliper Covers

I wanted to show you the new break covers I just received for my Bronco. Today, I have a sponsored post with MGP Caliper Covers. Rusty brake calipers are making cars lose value and look old, so they developed a product to make them look good as new again. MGP Caliper Covers are the #1 Brake Covers on the market. They are hand crafted and made in America. It’s the perfect car accessory to make your vehicle stand out with minimal effort.

You simply go to their website, MGP Caliper Covers. Type in your make, model, year and sub model. From there you select the color and engraving. Then you will be sent to another screen where you can select the finish color, choose the engraving and add or remove bolts. This is custom order, so be sure everything is correct before you proceed forward. Once you do, simply add the covers to your cart.

Be sure to use my code: CM20 for 20% off & free 2-day FedEx shipping!




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