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Mackinaw City, MI {Travel Guide}

This is my first travel guide. How exciting! Right now, all of my travel guides are going to be Michigan based because that's where I live, and due to COVID, duh! I was supposed to go to London & Scotland this summer, but that trip was cancelled for obvious reasons. Still mourning the loss of that trip )-: This guide is just for Mackinaw City, and a separate guide will be for Mackinac Island. Are you ready?! Let's go!

Where I Stayed

I stayed at the Mackinaw Beach & Bay Inn & Suites. It is a little pricy if you are travelling on a budget, but the view is gorgeous. All of their rooms are right on Lake Huron. You can see the Mackinac Bridge and the boat launch that travels to Mackinac Island right from your room. I highly recommend booking a room on the fourth floor because it is so much better for photo opts. They have a nice indoor pool and hot tub too. Mackinaw City has a firework show every Friday night, and it is amazing. You can see them up close right from the hotel balcony.

Other Places To Stay

Cabins of Mackinac- These look so cute and fun to stay in during the winter time. Everything in the room is cabin themed. Wooden tables and furniture, the whole nine yards. They are super pricy though, $350 a night! Woah!

Best Western- If you are looking to be right in the town. This is the hotel closest to the city of Mackinac. Walking distance to all of the restaurants and shops.

What To Do

Tour Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse- This light house has stood the test of time since 1889, as a point in storms and guiding beacon. There is also the Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Museum to tour though and The Keepers’ Quarters which contains three rooms restored to their 1910 appearance.

Walk Around By The Lake Front- It's so nice to walk around by the lake where the Mackinac Island Ferry launches. There is also the Coast Guard ship there as well that you can look at. There is a miniature light house, a painted boat as well and a bunch of other cute photo ops.

Lay On The Beach- It is so relaxing. There are rocks you can collect on the beach. You also can see and hear the ship go back and forth to Mackinac Island. They have lawn chairs spread out all along the beach, so you can get your tan on too.

Watch The Sunrise- Every morning you get a gorgeous view of the sunrise. I woke up at 6:30a.m while I was staying there just to sit out on the balcony, and enjoy the sunrise. Let me tell you, IT IS STUNNING. Plus, hardly anyone was awake yet, so you can just hear the waves and the birds chirping.

Shop- There are so many cute little stores to go in for clothes, accessories, souvenirs, etc.

Adrenaline Zip Line- Mackinaw's longest zip line. Soar over 2 waterfalls and Animal River. I didn't do this, but want to next time.

Where To Eat

Wienerlicious- The world's largest wiener! They have the best hot dogs, including The Mackinaw, Coney Dog, etc., and a great photo op. I couldn't resist.

Pancake Chef- One of the oldest restaurants in Mackinaw City, and you guessed it, they specialize in pancakes. Soo many pancakes options, so little time.

Papa Zo's- They have the best pizza, and they deliver free to your hotel room. Definitely will be ordering them again on my next trip to Mackinaw.

Mack City Chips- Yummy potato chips. They can even do chocolate drizzled chips!

Darrow's Family Restaurant- This restaurant has been around since 1957, and have a great variety of options. Great for the whole family or a dinner for two. Soups made from scratch, fresh baked bread and homemade pies.

Fast Food Options Mackinaw City Has- Subway, KFC & Starbucks

Also, on a side note, you can get great photos in the water with the sunset colors as well. You do not actually see the sunsetting because it sets behind the Mackinac Bridge, but still very pretty!

That's my Mackinaw City travel guide! Have y'all been before?! Let me know what your favorite spots are. I will have a Mackinac Island travel guide as well when I go there next week.

~On a side note, I cannot figure out how to add a comments section below my blog posts. Maybe someone can DM me how to add it? Lol! I do see all of your messages though, and appreciate them.~




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